Rediscover your comfort zone with Moomin Arabia

When everyone tells you to get out of your comfort zone, Moomin Arabia is here to guide you back in.


Finnair 100 anniversary mug by Moomin Arabia

Let your dreams fly with the Journey mug

Celebrate Finnair’s 100th anniversary with the adventurous Journey mug that brings back your favourite travel memories and makes you dream about new adventures. Journey is a special anniversary edition available for a limited time only starting from 9th of October 2023.

Moomin Winter Seasonals 2023

Slide your way to wintertime Mooments of Magic!

Get ready for an exciting and fast-paced winter season with the Moomins, Mr Brisk and Edward the walrus racing downhill. The Sliding dishes have a beautiful pastel colour scheme, matching the look of last year’s winter collection.

Give as a seasonal gift, or get one for yourself!


New Moomin Arabia Textiles - for everyone with a soft spot for the Moomins

How about a spontaneous nap on the sofa, snuggled under your favourite blanket? A blissful moment after sauna wrapped in a cuddly towel? Or a lazy Sunday breakfast in bed between airy-soft sheets?

Give yourself permission to get cozy in the new Moomin Arabia bedroom and bathroom textiles with delightful Moomin stories woven into the fabric. Made from 100 % organic cotton, they’re a joy to dive into.


Moomin tableware full of character

The lovable Moomin characters, their inspiring stories and Arabia's high-quality ceramics are the ingredients of the Moomin Classics collection that bring joy to everyday mealtimes, relaxed weekend gatherings, and lively parties with family and friends. 

Each set in the collection, including a mug, a plate, and a bowl, is dedicated to a different Moominvalley resident, their friends, or a creature they meet on their adventures. Have you found your favourite yet?

Moomin Arabia

Discover Mooments of Magic

Moomin Arabia creates high-quality tableware and textiles that bring together the delightful Moomin stories and Arabia's noted design heritage. 

We are inspired by the lighthearted yet profound Moominphilosophy, celebrating the joys of the everyday, being together and stealing small moments for ourselves. With Moomin Arabia, you can slow down the world for a while and escape into tiny Mooments of Magic.

"All nice things are good for you."

– Moominmamma, from the book The Exploits of Moominpappa